About Us

The process of dog or cats or other animals cremation can support you in this difficult time. It can help you to honor the memory of your furry friend.

Pets often become like our family members. They live with us, sleep in our beds, spent whole day by our side.. We are connected by a lot of common, unforgettable events - faithful gazes, time of fun , mutual understanding, and sometimes just being close to each other.
Unfortunately, the life time of our pets is counted differently and suddenly there comes a moment when we have to say goodbye. These are often very difficult moments in our life and the only thing we can do for our pet is to ensure the peaceful end.
Veterinarians always take care of each patient and if there is any chance to save him, they fight to the end. Unfortunately, as in life, this end always comes.
By offering a pet cremation service, we want to help owners to say goodbye to their pets. By offering the cremation service of pets, we also can collect of corpses from the house in Gorlice and the surrounding area.

You may be unsure of how to organise these arrangements for your dog, or what you need to decide on, here comes our staff, to solve all your doubts.