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Individual cremation

Individual cremation makes it possible the full incineration process. The animal is individually cremated and its ashes may be put into an urn. Your dog is placed in a private and separate compartment in the cremation chamber. This way, you are sure to receive only his or her ashes.

waga zwierzęcia cena
do 30 kg 600 zł
 pow. 30 kg 800 zł

Individual cremation

Collective cremation ensures the full incineration process, but without the recovery of the ashes. Your pet will be placed into the chamber along with other animals. Normally the ashes is not  being returned to you.

waga zwierzęcia cena
do  10 kg 100 zł
 10 – 20 kg 200 zł
 20  – 40 kg 300 zł
40 – 50 kg 400 zł
pow. 50 kg 500 zł


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